For our English-speaking customers

Dear Tricare Patient

I am delighted about your interest in my homepage and my Physiotherapy Center.

I want to give you a short overview of my services and outline what documents you should bring to your first appointment in order for me to be able to treat you.

What you can expect:

  • Expect therapists with many years of experience and an efficient, goal-oriented therapy.
  • Expect a good command of English and therefore no language difficulties leading to possible misunderstandings.
  • Expect self-contained therapy rooms ensuring your privacy.
  • Expect free parking right next to the Physiotherapy Center for two hours.
  • Expect flexible appointment scheduling.
  • Expect close collaboration with an orthopedic joint practice next door.

Please bring the following documents to your first appointment:

  • A proof of insurance from Tricare (preprinted form)
  • A referral from a military doctor (e.g. from the Katterbach Health Clinic)

How to find us:

Please refer to the main menu and click on “Anfahrt”; then type your address in the blank.

I hope I could help you with this short summary of my homepage and I am looking forward to see you soon in my Physiotherapy Center to resolve your complaint quickly and finally.

Sincerely yours

Christian Sauter